Try @Office365 Planner: Project based learning

(screenshots in Spanish) Every teacher working with projects, will be very pleased with Planner for Office365. Once more, we can observe how powerful and professional is the Microsoft solution for education, with tools that are really “out of the box”.   Let’s take a look […]


Virtual Filed Trips with Skype

5 virtual fiel trips with @Skype

Thanks to Skype in the classroom we can visit many places without even leaving the room. In the Microsoft Educator Community ( we can find several Virtual Field Trips available to enjoy with our students. The only thing you have to do is to register […]

Restrict the creation of groups in OWA @Office365

This feature relatively new in Outlook Web App within a Office365 tenant, looks very useful in an educational environment. But we believe that, with all the sharing features of Office365 is unnecesary to have it enabled Let’s see how we can disable it with PoweShell […]

Restrict de creation of groups in OWA

Login in @Windows 10 with your @Office365 account

Login in @Windows 10 with your @Office365 account

… without creating the local user first Sometimes in the schools we have to manage a lot of devices and we need a very strong infrastructure with servers to let the students log in the devices with their credentials. If we are using Office365 for […]

Single Sign On Apps with Azure in @Office365

Since Azure active Directory is available to Office 365 administrators, we can change the way our student access to their favourite apps and web pages, officering them a more transparent experience during the learning process. (sorry, screenshots are in Spanish) The examle is done with […]

Single Sign On Apps with Azure in @Office365


eDiscovery in @Office365 (English). Protecting your students

Our student and children security while they are using internet is one of our big worries nowadays. They work (and play) a lot of hours in front of the computer and we need to know they are safe. Students working with Office365 can be safe […]

Innovative Educator Programs or what the big companies are offering in education

This morning I have seen this infographic comparing Google Teacher Academy and Apple Distinguished Educator Program. Some weeks ago I have created one infographic comparing Apple Educator Program and the Microsoft Expert educator program.     Each company has a different approach about what they are expecting […]

Innovative Educator Programs


Chromebooks in education… are you sure?

After reading this article I felt the need to write my thoughts about it and reopen my abandoned blog. We can’t deny that Chromebooks are getting bigger in American schools as iPads did a few years ago. Both movements have the same reason behind: a reaction […]